Terms & Conditions

"BSmarter" represents any person or entity from Business Smarter.

"The system" represents online ordering system that provides requested services for food or other products prepared by participating restaurants and retailers for pick up or delivery

We will endeavour efforts to chase up and resolve any problems caused by third parties or natural disasters - including power failure, communication disruption, flooding (but not limited to). However BSmarter is not liable to make any compensations caused by these issues outside our technical or administrative control.

Your Responsibility

It is your responsible to check these terms and conditions regularly before confirming any orders through BSmarter on-line ordering system since these terms and conditions may be changed without advance notice. It is your responsibility to understand how the system works and how you are charged with any services you have requested. If you have any doubts on any of operations on the system you must not use it to place an order.

Payment and Refund

The total price will be clearly displayed on order list with item details and do not proceed further if you are unhappy with the total amount. BSmarter does not provide any refund facility for the orders that have been confirmed and processed by the system. If you are not happy with the product prepared or delivered by the participating restaurants or retailers, you must contact them and let them know about your concern because BSmarter is not responsible for the contents managed or uploaded by the retailers


In order to provide right level of services, BSmarter keeps your contact details in database when you agree to create an account in the system with collected information provided by the client. The system uses technology called Cookie to hold your contact details to provide the requested service. If you are not comfortable with this technology, you should not use the system to make any orders and you need to delete any cached information from your browser session using available options on your browser.